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PM Legal is proud to work with reputable partners to further enhance the scope and quality of the service we deliver to our clients.

Never miss an appearance! PM Legal and eLaw work together to provide your firm an integrated solution that delivers the certainty that any case where PM Legal handles either a process service or court services request, it is included in your existing eLaw case tracking package. Both eLaw and PM Legal are also integrated services in the SmartAdvocate case management system providing seamless tracking of cases. We deliver peace of mind.


Lawyers Diary and Manual
Lawyers Diary and Manual
Lawyers Diary and Manual is the publisher of the iconic book of the same name. Also well-known as the “Red Book,” Lawyers Diary and Manual® (LDM) is the leading legal directory and online resource serving the states of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Florida. LDM includes the statewide attorney directory and legal guide that was first published in 1888. It continues today as the New Jersey Lawyers Diary and Manual and is the Official Bar Directory of the State of New Jersey. In 2011, the online version, LDMonline™, became available and is a comprehensive database of the legal community, including lawyers, firms, courts and legal support services. Tracking over 500,000 attorneys, LDMonline users are able to create and store notes and favorite listings with searchable annotation and bookmarking, and every subscription includes complimentary mobile access via LDMmobile™.


New Jersey Lawyers Service
New Jersey Lawyers Service
PM Legal and New Jersey Lawyers Service, LLC (NJLS) work together to provide unmatched cost efficiency for clients with offices or cases in both NYC and NJ. Our team delivers customized solutions to meet client-specific needs, including interoffice, court/counsel courier services, process service in NY, NJ, nationwide and worldwide, in-court filing and document retrieval services. Look to PM Legal and NJLS to create a specific package to meet your firm’s individual needs.


PM Legal is fully operational with our integration into SmartAdvocate® and ready to make a difference in the way your team works today. Plaintiff and defense firms of all sizes trust PM Legal to deliver an easy and efficient user experience. Simply create orders for process service and court service via our client website, and track orders every step of the way to completion.

Our unmatched technology integration capabilities are CUSTOM BUILT for SmartAdvocate® clients:

Invoice charges are automatically distributed to each file instantaneously when the monthly bill is sent – saving labor and eliminating errors
Filed Affidavits are automatically sent into the correct case file daily – no scanning needed
If PM Legal purchases index numbers for you, a PDF of the filed, stamped S&C copy is automatically sent into the correct case file – no scanning needed
PM Legal validates file numbers sent to us at the time the request is placed via our proprietary online order and tracking system to ensure that only valid file numbers are used, to minimize errors—proactively making the system work for clients
All court service AND process service jobs are tracked and transparent through our continuously improving website, which also has unique management tools

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