PM Legal

Company Overview

PM Legal brings together decades of experience in the legal industry to deliver the most complete and integrated support offering for litigators. PM leverages today’s technology to provide services to everyone from sole practitioners to Am Law 100 law firms and everything in between. We also provide specialty services to insurance companies, financial institutions and government agencies.

PM is the leader in process service, investigations and court services required every day by lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries in New York and New Jersey.

PM programs are tailored to offer optimal service based on the unique needs of each firm. Leveraging the latest technology, jobs can be initiated and tracked online, and services can be integrated with existing case tracking and case management systems.

We are experts at providing simplified and personalized services to swiftly move your cases through the court system.

Mission: PM Legal makes it easier for attorneys to focus on a winning litigation strategy by delivering a wide range of best-in-class litigation support with a single point of contact.

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