PM Legal


In 2016, two great family businesses providing attorney services in New York joined to create the very special PM Legal.

PM Investigations was founded in 1981 by Phil Mallor to provide investigations for insurance companies. He was successful by his own measure, supporting his family and raising his children. In 2002 son Ross came on board as a young man in his 20s and learned the business at his father’s direction. In 2006, Ross took the reins and expanded dramatically with new clients and new services. By 2016, NYLJ readers had voted PM Investigations to be the best investigations firm in New York and one of the top process service firms as well.

In 1929, Aaron Skinder and his soon-to-be wife Frieda Pickman, both of whom were attorneys, started New Jersey Lawyers Service, which today is the largest legal courier and process server in New Jersey. Over the years, Aaron, Frieda, their son Richard and son-in-law Stanley Strauss and then their grandchildren invested heavily in the business and became owners of some of the iconic businesses supporting the legal community in New York and New Jersey. They built up the New Jersey Law Journal before selling it to ALM; their familiar red Lawyers Diary and Manual still sells tens of thousands of copies each year and litigators rely on eLaw to manage their docket. In 2012, they invested in the service of process and built the largest process server and court services business in the city of New York.

We Mallors, Skinders and Strausses found that we were kindred spirits: we love the metro New York legal market and want to build a business that delights our clients. What’s more, we own the long view: PM is 35 years young, while Skinder-Strauss is nearly 90 years old. We decided to combine PM Investigations and inSync Litigation Support and, in 2018, to merge NJLS Process Service into it.

Together, we will build PM Legal into a company that will thrive from now to 2050, and beyond.

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