PM Legal


Adherence to the highest level of professionalism is engrained in our culture and a core part of PM’s overall competence and expertise.

As Americans, we respect the judicial process, a fundamental aspect of which is the due process guaranteed to all citizens. PM is proud to play a part in the unique and special system of law we enjoy in the United States

Clients trust PM with their service of process because our professional servers are held to the very highest industry standards. Our comprehensive protocol for adherence to regulations includes:

GPS tracking
Location photographs
Detailed daily record-keeping
Secure third-party hosted electronic data records
Logbook reviews
Daily deviation and exception audits
Checklist affidavit generation
Formal notarizations – one-on-one engagement between the server and notary
Monthly compliance audits on all servers to ensure they’ve done what they say they’ve done

PM Legal is a private investigations firm licensed and bonded in the state of New York State. We comply with all requirements of New York Department of State.

No firm takes compliance more seriously than PM. We are committed to our clients – never gambling with their cases or taking our part in the process for granted.


PM Legal, LLC is a licensed Process Serving Agency by the NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs, License nos.: Manhattan, 2098109-DCA, Garden City, 2098110-DCA, Queens, 2098144-DCA, and NJ, 2098146-DCA.
PM Legal, LLC is a licensed Private Investigations firm by the NY Dept. of State License #11000053506 and # 11000196123.

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