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PM Investigations has been servicing insurance companies and law firms (both plaintiff and defendant, civil and criminal) since 1981. PM founder Philip Mallor is one of the most respected investigators in the industry. Our investigators – over 15 of them – range from ex-cops to computer programmers, including one focused entirely on social media.


We will have an experienced investigator work with your trial attorneys in preparing your case for trial. We will come to your office and review the file in its entirety, or you can send us copies of the pertinent information of the file. We will then prepare and serve all necessary subpoenas and make arrangements for your doctors and witnesses to testify, leaving your attorneys to focus on the more important aspects of the trial. When the trial is ready to be heard in court, we follow up to make sure all subpoenaed records are in court.


PM Investigations has used surveillance to break up multi-million-dollar cases of individuals who have claimed to be injured, but in reality were perfectly healthy. There is no surveillance we cannot handle, and we will go to great lengths to capture video of any individual you believe has made a false claim. Our superior video equipment enables us to get video of individuals regardless of conditions. We can also help your case with a legitimate claim by conducting a day-in-the-life video to show the daily struggles your client experiences.


PM Investigations currently takes over 1,000 witness statements a year. All of our investigators are notaries, and your statements will be sworn and notarized. We always have a Spanish-speaking investigator available for Spanish-speaking witnesses. If there is another language that needs to be translated, we will work closely with a translation company to facilitate the assignment. If you are unable to locate a witness due to an outdated phone number or address, please let us know and we will locate new information.


Whether you are looking for a witness for one of your cases or have lost track of where your client resides, PM Investigations will help you find them. Our investigators have located thousands of individuals over the years from coast to coast. If you have the most basic of information on an individual (full name, social security number, etc.), we can help locate them. Leveraging our experience and extensive computer research tools, we will strengthen your case by finding that important witness who has seemingly disappeared.


PM Investigations has a department dedicated to obtaining medical records for our clients. Whether it is MRI films, X-rays, intraoperative photos or some other records you may need, we are able to dedicate our full resources to obtain them. If a facility is out of business, then we will work on locating the owners and/or doctors, who are required to maintain these records for several years after the office closes. We are capable of picking up medical records from the facilities and hand delivering them to your office or the doctor that may be reviewing the records for your case.


PM Investigations has been taking accident scene photographs and diagrams since our inception. Our office takes the highest resolution photographs possible, which allows you to enlarge them at the time of trial. All photographs are sent to your office by email or on CD and saved on our internal network for 10 years in case you misplace them. Our diagrams are hand drawn at the location and verified through online maps. All traffic devices are clearly notated as well as driving and parking lanes. If necessary, we will also provide the timing of the lights at the time of our visit, and if needed, we will get the date of loss timing from the Department of Transportation.


PM Investigations has worked closely with landlords in helping them achieve judgments against improper tenants. We will work closely with you to establish that a tenant does not use your rent-controlled apartment as his or her primary residence. We are also one of the city’s largest process server for L&T work, with significant experience defending (and winning) traverse hearings.


If you have a client that needs to sign up a new case but cannot get to your office, then give us a call. We will have one of our experienced investigators get all of the necessary paperwork signed by your client. We have a full collection of documents, authorizations and other papers necessary to make sure your client is satisfied.


Once a judgment has been obtained, we will then attempt to locate any banking information necessary for you to fulfill the judgment. We will provide you with the individual’s source of income with the company’s name, address and phone number, job title and any other information we can obtain related to employment. We will provide you with the full name of your subject and any aliases this person may have (as well as alternate social security numbers), date of birth, address and driver’s license number. We will also provide you with any property ownership information, with complete details.


If you are considering hiring someone or work for an employment agency, then you should contact us first. We will do a complete background check on the potential employee including a full criminal check, employment history, address history and any possible judgments against this individual. Our full background check will help you feel comfortable about your new employee.


If you need a certified weather report for your case, we can obtain one for anywhere in the country to show a given day’s weather. The report is certified, and you will be able to use it in court to help your case.


PM Investigations has access to criminal databases all across the country. While every state handles criminal records extremely differently, we already know the ways to access that data and, when necessary, obtain certified records.


If your staff is too busy, our staff can create the subpoenas you need. Our in-house staff has created over 100,000 subpoenas while working at PM Investigations.


PM is New York’s best process server. Once we locate a witness or defendant for you, we can efficiently serve the required legal documents.

PM Legal, LLC is licensed by the NY Department of State License # 11000053506 and # 11000196123.

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