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Court Services

Nobody knows the New York and New Jersey courts better!

PM Legal has provided court services since 1940 (as American Clerical) and is the leading document filing and retrieval agency in New York City and, through our partnership with New Jersey Lawyers Service, in New Jersey. Ours is the largest full-time court staff in New York City, and we make thousands of courier stops daily at law firms throughout the area.

PM’s court services team is staffed by experienced individuals and services every court in New York; our “in-court” document filing and retrieval capabilities extend throughout New York and New Jersey. Our courier services team is available for scheduled daily pickup, on-call pickup or rush needs and can even courier time-sensitive documents to New Jersey.

For firms with large volumes of work, our tailored approach offers customized programs based on your needs. PM court services are often integrated with our process service and existing case tracking and case management systems to improve efficiency and reduce both cost and the risk of human error.

Integrated services save you time and money and remove the complexity of working with multiple vendors. Make one easy handoff to us, and we do it all!

Clients trust PM Court Services for:

Purchasing index numbers and requests for judicial interventions (RJIs)
Filings in federal, family, criminal, surrogates and bankruptcy courts
Calendar calls
Filing motions, notices, stipulations, orders to show cause (OTSC), summons, complaints, affidavits
Case tracking for appearances, judgments
Processing judgments, transcripts, exemplifications
Fee payment, and for approved clients “fee advance” services
Deed recording
Document retrieval, including for decisions and orders
Subpoenaed records copying at the court, to confirm that certified, complete records are there as the trial date approaches
Copying documents of all types
Special items, including those requiring “walkthrough attention”

For after-hours service, use our drop box at 225 Broadway, between Barclay and Vesey, or leave papers with the doorman at 75 Maiden Lane. (Notify us at that you have done so.) New Jersey firms can use NJLS Courier and NJLS Drop Boxes to get us their work.

The 225 Broadway drop box is picked up by 6:00 a.m. each court business day.
The box in the main lobby of 225 Broadway in the financial district is available for jobs that need to be served or get to court that morning. After 1 a.m. the lobby door is locked, but there is always an attendant available to let you in.

PM does more e-filing in New York and in New Jersey than any other agency. We are experts at some of the hidden complexities of the New York State Courts Electronic Filing (NYSCEF) and New Jersey eCourts, including required hard-copy submissions, file requirements and correct submission of exhibit files.

Customized Services
PM works with large-volume clients who have needs that are specific to their firms’ operations. Our IT resources are beyond what you might expect from a typical process service and court services agency. We have made large investments in information technology, which set us apart from other agencies in our ability to handle high-volume and fast-paced activity from your firm. PM leverages these technology resources to create customized programs for firms of all sizes with large volumes of cases.

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